Video Revolution
We give media owners, advertisers and creators the tools to deploy
beautiful, interactive video across multiple platforms.
How It Works
Choose your video, add hot spots, calls to action, or direct to commerce tools. Fully customize your content. No coding required.
As video continues to grow in popularity amongst both brands and consumers, going interactive is the powerful next-step in content evolution.
87% of all internet traffic will be video based by 2020.*
* According to the leading statistical network, Nielsen.
95% of users agree that information disseminated through video is more powerful in converting to sales.
Product pages with videos see 37% more add-to-cart conversions than pages without video.
60% of consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description.
58% of consumers think companies with product video can be trusted.
You will be up and running in minutes. Our user-friendly dash and templates couldn’t be easier to use.
Interactivity increases engagement for all types
of video and can deliver more content in less time.
Perfect for retail. Products are displayed in the sidebar on mobile
and desktop-friendly formats for immediate shoppable videos.
Branching (Video / Audio)
Branching is a great way to let your viewers make choices about
the content and products they want to see.

Change soundtracks, shift content direction and deliver preferred
information across video segments.
We have templates for specific industries but if you need a customized solution just let us know
For fashion brands and retailers, OneDash offers our suite of proprietary e-commerce tools that deliver the engagement to drive sales.
Advertising agencies
Help your clients distribute more information to their audience via interactive or shoppable video solutions as a service. Shoppable interactive video has proven to increase sales by over 30% with informative interactive video having more than an 85% increased viewership. Your clients will reap the benefits and insights that take their campaigns to new heights.
The power and efficiency of video has never been more relevant for the recruitment sector. Corporate videos to showcase your company with interactive features that deliver more insight into your company culture and employees or as a prospective employee who wants to send more insights as to who you are as an individual. Use the power of interactive video to create interesting scenarios via branching to see if prospects can solve problems and fit into the company culture. No limits and all the benefits.
Digital storytelling has enabled new opportunities for all sorts of content creators. The automotive industry is no exception, when using the power of storytelling to build brand relationships and market products directly to consumers.
Your fan's relationship with their teams is now far more engaging. They want to be fully immersed and part of the event, even from the comfort of their own homes. Check out how OneDash sports suite can help drive their ambitions.
Interactive education can deliver more memorable packets of information. Video-based learning in the classroom, or out, will be more engaging and fun. Pre- recorded or live, interactive educational materials can achieve greater outcomes.
Got a Blog/Vlog? Add our interactive WordPress plugin to your site and take content to a whole new level. Distribute far more information, collect user data and surveys on behalf of your site or clients. Selling on your blog/vlog? Make your content shoppable, no restrictions and all the freedom.
Anywhere, everywhere and everyone
Engage on All Sizes of Screens
Engage on All Sizes of Screens OneDash supports one of the only interactive mobile SDK’s for video that delivers a seamless mobile experience with rugged reliability. Available and easy to use on any hardware device, we aim to deliver efficient and enjoyable content experiences no matter where the consumer is.
We have templates for specific industries but
if you need something custom just say so:
Advanced Analytics
Measure engagement and get instant feedback with OneDash statistics - our unique analytics engine for video. Beyond a generic view-rate , we deliver the experience of every viewer. This feedback enables you to improve your content, to understand your audience and achieve better ROI. Interactions analytics | Video analytics | Product analytics. You will see which parts of your content are trending as they happen. The real-time data can give you detailed sales analysis. We track user interactions across all digital media, it will help you gain deeper insights into your demographics to enhance your future content creation.
Email Delivery Manager
Email is still very much part of the greater marketing landscape. Using the OneDash EDM creator, you can continue engaging directly with your current client base. Delivering wonderful interactive teasers to bring them closer to your brand. You don’t need a third party list service! Create, select your list and send messages all from one dashboard.
Artificial Intelligence
Use the power of computer vision and deep learning AI to make your visual content interactive. Real time object recognition. * Real time object tracking. AI based recommendations and suggestions.

*Real time object recognition requires preloaded static images for consistency and to avoid errors. This system is specifically tailored for the Fashion Retail market at this time and we are working on many other exciting subject packets
Experience Customization
  • Manual / AI based recognition - Different player representation capabilities
  • Hotspot button customization - Static / Dynamic hotspot button
  • Audio branching
  • Video storytelling branching(with Loop, Back and Forth)
  • Visual customizations
Messenger Commerce
Omnichannel marketing brings all your sales channels together. Combined data streams easily deliver a strategic view of your marketing efforts. This enables a more holistic approach to marketing and fosters a collaborative culture in your marketing department. Precisely track customer behavior and see which channels buyers are interacting with before they make a purchase. Better allocate your marketing budget to reduce costs. Omnichannel communication improves buyer behavior analysis, helps identify the best way to meet customer needs and predict inventory requirements. Providing a better customer experience to increase customer loyalty.
OneDash is deeply integrated with Shopify to deliver the video interactive experience to your Shopify stores. That starts with easy to use Shopify integration that syncs with any of your existing products and customer orders. We are working on integration tools with:
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Wordpress
and many more...